Host a Home Viewing

Here a some tips for hosting a successful home viewing for anyone who has watched Motherless and wants to share the film with friends, family, colleagues, students, and communities. Movies like Motherless only have an impact if people like you are willing to share and discuss them.

  1. Schedule at least an hour to screen the film (about 30 minutes in length) and hold a discussion afterward.
  2. You can download or stream the film on Vimeo directly to your personal device or request a DVD copy. All you need to show the film to a group is a computer or DVD player that can be hooked up to a TV or projector. 
  3. The viewing can take place at your home, your office, a community center, on a college or university campus, etc. If you are a professor, consider showing the film in your classroom. 
  4. Use our provided discussion guides to facilitate a conversation after the movie. You may want to establish discussion ground rules with the group prior to this conversation. 
  5. Encourage folks in attendance to share the film with their networks.

Home Viewing Photos

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