Abortion Facts and History

Fact Sheet: Induced Abortion in the US by the Guttmacher Institute
Watch this video to learn more about abortion in the US and women who choose abortion.

Timeline of Abortion Rights in Pennsylvania

1929 Clara Bell Duvall dies from a self-induced abortion, leaving 5 young children motherless

1960 FDA approves birth control pill (legalized for married couples 1965)

1970 Congress funds family planning clinics (Title X)

1973 Roe v. Wade: US Supreme Court legalizes abortion

1974 Pennsylvania legislators enact the first Abortion Control Act

1976 Hyde Amendment bans Medicaid coverage for abortion (includes narrow exceptions for cases of rape, incest, and preserving the life of the woman), setting the precedent that tax dollars can’t be used to fund abortions

1979 Clara Bell Duvall Education Project founded

1985 Pennsylvania ends Medicaid funding for abortion

1989 Protesters blockade clinics repeatedly with 3,000 arrests made 
Governor Bob Casey signs the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act

1992 Planned Parenthood v. Casey contests the constitutionality of five provisions of the bill, Supreme Court upheld the Abortion Control Act, while reinforcing Roe v. Wade – precedent is provided for other states to systematically and constitutionally restrict women’s access to abortion

1993 Motherless: A Legacy of Loss premieres
President Clinton signs the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Bill to control blockade violence

1994 Restrictions legalized in the Abortion Control Act come into effect

2003 President Bush signs into law the Partial Birth Abortion Ban

2011 Governor Corbett signs SB 732, the TRAP Law requiring facilities to comply with costly, medically unnecessary regulations

2013 Pennsylvania passes HB 818, preventing private insurance companies working through the insurance exchange (as part of the Affordable Care Act) from providing abortion coverage (includes narrow exceptions for cases of rape, incest, and preserving the life of the woman) 

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