Watch Motherless

This is an important moment for women (and their partners) in America. We are preparing for an election, and we are battling a rising tide of anti-abortion laws and legislators. One in three women will have an abortion by age 45, and many of these women are mothers. We’ve seen the stereotypes in the media about women who choose abortion, and the facts to support those stereotypes are just not there. This isn’t just about abortion. It’s about the right to privacy, and the right to safe and healthy choices that women should be able to make with their doctors.

Those of us born after 1973 do not know a world where abortion is illegal. A world when the mothers who wanted an abortion because they couldn’t care for more children died. Let’s not go back to that world. Vote smart. Speak up. Make sure that the promise of Roe doesn’t go unfulfilled.


Also, check out these great websites (Can I Vote? and Project Vote Smart) to make sure that you are registered to vote, check the forms of ID you made need to bring with you in your state, and see how the candidates feel about a number of issues, abortion included).

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